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Hi Hans,

here you have the sample:





     \section{Section 1}
     \section{\dorecurse{25}{Section }3}
     \section{Section 3}

For some strange reason (at least, to me), \placelist[alternative=d]
seems to misbehave when using \it or \bi as style.

Everthing is fine when italic fonts aren’t used.

It can be fixed with a strut option for lists, e.g. \setuplist[strut=no]. The problem in this case is that the ex-height for the italic font is larger than the ex-height for the upright font which pushes the text down because add a strut at the begin and end of the entries.

Below is a minimal example of the problem, the \setstrut setting changes the height of the strut for the italic font.

%%%% begin example



\ruledhbox{\strut Section}
\ruledhbox{\setstrut\strut Section}

%%%% end example

Most fonts (I checked only a small number) don't have such a big difference between the ex-height of the upright and italic styles which makes it hard to notice the problem.

%%%% begin example
   \NC tf \NC \tf \the\exheight \NC\NR
   \NC it \NC \it \the\exheight \NC\NR
   \NC bf \NC \bf \the\exheight \NC\NR
   \NC bi \NC \bi \the\exheight \NC\NR



%%%% end example

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