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Everthing is fine when italic fonts aren’t used.

It can be fixed with a strut option for lists, e.g.
\setuplist[strut=no]. The problem in this case is that the ex-height for
the italic font is larger than the ex-height for the upright font which
pushes the text down because add a strut at the begin and end of the

Many thanks for your reply, Wolfgang.

I don’t get \setuplist[strut=no] working in the minimal sample I sent

The key isn't supported yet but it could help to avoid the spacing problem.

Below is a minimal example of the problem, the \setstrut setting changes
the height of the strut for the italic font.

I must admit that I don’t understand how to handle struts (I’m not sure
I understand what they actually are.)

The simple answer is that a strut is a invisible vertical line with the height and depth of a line. When you look at the example below you can see the text in the first box touches the top and bottom boundaries.

When we add a strut at the begin and end of the text we ensure the last line has the depth of a normal line and the first line gets the complete height of a line.

%%%% begin example




%%%% end example

Most fonts (I checked only a small number) don't have such a big
difference between the ex-height of the upright and italic styles which
makes it hard to notice the problem.

Yesterday I realized that Pagella was an extreme case, because I tried
to report this issue before, but Latin Modern didn’t show the issue (so
I thought I was doing something wrong).

Yes, pagella is a extreme case but when you use bold text the vertical spacing is also messed up. You can avoid this when you use a fixed lineheight (e.g. \setupinterlinespace[line=14pt]) because the default distance is font dependant (default: 2.8 * ex-height).

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