For the menu you can do something like this (basicallly combine standard QT flow with hiero's registerInterest() logic:

import hiero
from PySide import QtGui

class MyMenuWidget(QtGui.QMenu):
    def __init__(self, title, parent=None):
        QtGui.QMenu.__init__(self, title, parent)
        testAction = QtGui.QAction('test', self)

    def eventHandler(self, event):
# this enables the menu to be registered as a default context menu item

myMenuInstance = OhuMenuWidget('My Menu')'kShowContextMenu', myMenuInstance.eventHandler)

As for renaming bin items, that method seems to be missing. Not sure what the work around is.

On 19/10/16 11:35 AM, Joerg Bruemmer wrote:

hey gang,

I have 2 questions: :)

1. how do I rename a BinItem via Python after it was created? Seems to be quite an easy task but I fail to do it, as there is no .setName on this, right?

2. I have a new type of versioning so I add it to right click event on timeline. I do not want to over write the build in method. As I will add more stuff soon, I would like to gather stuff in sub menus. Like "my versioning" > "versionUp", "versionDown"

Thanks heaps!

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