> On Oct 12, 2016, at 2:40 PM, Günther Alka <a...@hfg-gmuend.de> wrote:
> What I must say is, that this seems to be a real killer innovation for OmniOS 
> as you can run OmniOS as a very solid ZFS filer with additional Linux 
> services running directly especially with preconfigured services as a 
> container where you only need a copy and import/run after some small editings 
> of a config file like shares or nics.

Joyent did most of the hard work here with LX -- credit where due, please. :)

By integrating it into OmniOS, though, you get the improvment of a 
fully-working global zone (where many sharing services can only function... 
e.g. no NFS in an NGZ currently) with the capability for closer-to-native Linux 
services (not as much running KVM in a zone now, for example).

Thanks for the napp-it update!

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