Most important is the success of the Illumos or Open-ZFS platform.
LX containers are from Joyent (btw have you read this article ), SMB2+ and sequential resilvering are or may come from Nexenta and native encryption from ZoL with many features or additions that strengthen the platform from others versus Oracle or Linux.

ESXi, SmartOS or Proxmox are very good as a cloud or virtualisation platform where you can run or use ZFS but OmniOS is a perfect NAS/SAN filer or server OS with the option to run a Linux container. This is indeed new.

Thanks to all


Am 12.10.2016 um 20:52 schrieb Dan McDonald:
On Oct 12, 2016, at 2:40 PM, Günther Alka <> wrote:

What I must say is, that this seems to be a real killer innovation for OmniOS 
as you can run OmniOS as a very solid ZFS filer with additional Linux services 
running directly especially with preconfigured services as a container where 
you only need a copy and import/run after some small editings of a config file 
like shares or nics.
Joyent did most of the hard work here with LX -- credit where due, please. :)

By integrating it into OmniOS, though, you get the improvment of a 
fully-working global zone (where many sharing services can only function... 
e.g. no NFS in an NGZ currently) with the capability for closer-to-native Linux 
services (not as much running KVM in a zone now, for example).

Thanks for the napp-it update!


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