From  your screenshot, I found ‘Template Parameter’ Tab is not generated 
correctly(There will be VNF location inputs, or other service inputs 
generated), so I think maybe it is because some issue of the template designed.
     If you click ‘OK’ button right now, I think error will be a predicted 
Please describe the flow you design the E2E service, or  support your E2E 
service csar. I can help to check If it is right.
Best wishes,
Chuanyu Chen.

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Hi Shentao

We have registered UUI server and GUI with MSB already . PFA images for error 
in UUI server logs.

Pavithra R

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Hi, Pavithra

UUI is calling SO API from MSB like other components.
We should register UUI components firstly. And then UUI server component will 
call SO API through MSB which is configured with registered script.

Best regards,

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Hi Seshu

The instance created previously using SO API was not deleted before we retried 
with UUI. Also in MSO the logs are not updated while instantiating from UUI. 
Only in UUI logs we were able to find errors. Please find attached image for 
reference. We found from code that UUI is directly making API call to MSO 
whereas to other components it’s through MSB and we are facing error during 
service instantiation request to MSO.So where exactly we should check or 
specify the correct MSO IP in UUI?

Pavithra R

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Hi Pavithra

Please share us the logs of SO and was the instance created before deleted 
before you re-tried the create service.

Best regards
Seshu Kumar M
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Hi All

We have set up Kubernetes based ONAP and created  TOSCA based E2E service. We 
are able to instantiate the E2E service directly using SO API. But while 
instantiating the E2E service through UUI we are facing “Internal Server 
Error”. Could you please help in resolving the issue. Please find below 
screenshot for reference.


Pavithra R
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