Ok thanks very much for this interesting answer. If you need some
dialogue with NVDA or Orca (Linux), and if I can help as intermediate,
no problem, don't hesitate. I follow the situation as I consider it's a
very important progress to promote better free software in general. 

Thanks for your interest.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le mercredi 28 septembre 2011 à 00:05 +0200, Marcus (OOo) a écrit :
> Am 09/27/2011 08:58 PM, schrieb Jean-Philippe MENGUAL:
> Hi Jean-Philippe,
> > As ordinary blind user, I work very much to promote OOo and
> > accessibility free software for blind people. The current problem is
> > that public administrations, in France, choose OOo, but blind people are
> thanks a lot for your effort to promote OOo. :-)
> > complaining, as they consider it's not perfectly accessible with NVDA
> > (Free screen reader for Windows). And migrating to Linux isn't always
> > easy in a network (active directory features, ...).
> >
> > However, IBM Symphony works fine. My problem is that's not a really free
> > software. Nethertheless, IBM, according I was told, gave to the Apache
> > Foundation Iaccessible2, which is the code which enables Symphony to be
> > perfectly accessible with NVDA.
> That's correct.
> > Could someone study Iaccessible2 and integrate it in OOo? It'd be great
> > if OOo could be accessible with NVDA in the next stable releases. As no
> > developper, I'd appreciate if you could tell me when it's integrated, if
> > someone accepts to do it.
> I don't know if it's already completely arrived or if there are still 
> some things to fix before it can be integrated into the code. However, 
> we are really working on taking advantage of the IA2 technology. Maybe 
> Rob can say more about the current status.
> It's very unlikely that it will be part of the first AOO release because 
> of this and nobody knows the side effects that could occur. So, IMHO 
> expect it not for the coming release but for the following one.
> Marcus

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