2011/9/28 Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjean...@free.fr>

> I will try doing that. But I'd like to mention one problem and several
> elements which make me think I represent an enormous part of users who want
> IA2 to be integrated. The problem is that I have feedbacks essentially from
> France or French-speaking people, and they decided me to be intermediate
> between English-speaking community and them. So, they have difficulties to
> write here directly. The language is a problem for the major part of them.
> However, several things make me think there's a large demand:
> - In the public administrations in France, where OOo is choosen, we have
> thousands of people who work and who are blind or sight-impaired;
> - The workgroup "Accessibilité et logiciel libre" (A11y and Free software),
> from April (the main French organization which Promote the Free Software in
> France) asked for this evolution. It appeared in our "bug tracker" (used to
> enable not English-speaking users to report problems so that we forward, as
> I do now). 4 bugs appear about this issue.
> - The LibreOffice project expressed the desire to wait for AOOo integration
> to integrate itself IA2 in their utility.
> - The problems with OOo are very often denounced on French mailing list of
> blind people (for instance, ALLOS mailing list).
> - The CFPSAA, an official enormous organization which defends the blind
> people rights, published, this June, a newsletter where they explained that
> migrating a desktop to OOo was a mistake as it's not accessible (it's a
> pitty! ). I tried answering and communicating about this, but of course if
> such official organization has this approach, it proves the need.
> - I met 60 people in France IRL a few weeks ago, to show them what free
> software gives to accessibility. The cain problem where I had to fight was
> OOo.
> Anyway I'll forward your appeal, but I'd like you to know that even if I'm
> alone to write, it's a time and language problem. But thousands of people
> asked me to do that. It's really major, that's why I try speaking directly
> to the dev today. Because when that is fixed, a major limitation will be
> removed to migrating to Free software with NVDA and other assistive
> technologies. If you want some tests, of course tell me. I can test, make
> other tests, as intermediate.

even though the fact and the necessity of better accessibility is known it
is very good that you raise this point again and make clear the situation. I
think with the whole transition of OpenOffice.org to Apache that is still
ongoing and not finished we lose important time to work on this but we can't
change it. We can only try to work harder to provide something usable asap.


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