I hear and understand Scott’s comments and they are worth considering. We can 
tend to get stuck in ruts and never bother looking outside. At the same time, I 
would like to second Chris’ comments. The publicly logged and web-searchable 
aspect is critical. Being able to find that one conversation where I got a 
solution a year ago (but have forgotten it now) has been a stress-saver for me 
on more than one occasion. Ben’s comment about cross-platform compatibility 
raises another critical point. You can do IRC from any platform. The low point 
of entry is another significant aspect. As long as you have access to a 
computer with a network connection, even an old 
one-step-away-from-being-a-doorstop model, you can do IRC. The last point Chris 
raises about simultaneous users is typically the breaking point for non-IRC 
solutions, the place where either they don’t work or you’ve got to put up a 
bunch of money to make them work (as Ben points out). Antiquated looking, 
though…not much to do about that. I’ve been doing this since the days I ran a 
Wildcat BBS and so, yes, I’m a little antiquated myself (cue memories of 
listening to the modem sing the song of its people) and I may be so used to it 
I don’t notice the look/feel so much.


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A couple of pro-IRC points to consider as well:
- conversations are publicly logged and web-searchable
- despite the apparent intimidation factor for new users (mitigated by sessions 
like Yamil so generously offers), it's a low point of entry
- can accommodate hundreds (or thousands) of users who can participate in real 
time, making meetings truly public (the most I've seen teleconferencing 
software accommodate is maybe 15, increasing costs for whoever is hosting the 
I'm open to individual committees or the Evergreen Oversight Board occasionally 
using conference software for a more face-to-face feel, but I hope we will 
continue using IRC for most community business for the above reasons (and the 
ones Ben mentioned).
Just my two cents,

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 1:28 PM, Ben Shum 
<b...@evergreener.net<mailto:b...@evergreener.net>> wrote:

It's a reasonable question and one we should continue to evaluate over time.

One reason we did not always like products like gotomeeting, etc. was cost. 
While community volunteers could grant access to their organizations resources, 
the community itself never decided to spend money on platforms. Freenode IRC is 
free to use.

Another reason is cross platform compatibility; some of us used Linux 
workstations and these did not always play nicely with those applications.

After this many years on IRC, it's second nature to me, but I also see the 
value considering alternative solutions if we can work through all the 
logistics and continue to keep barriers of access to a minimum.

-- Ben

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I’d like to ask a general question about this since I am still fairly new to 
the community. Why has the Evergreen community opted to use IRC chat as an 
on-line meeting venue? The one time I used it I found it disconcerting in its 
antiquated look and feel and had difficulty with the etiquette. Why not use 
GoToMeeting, Blackboard Collaborate, or a similar product? The chat interface 
in these products is much closer to what most of us are used to and it would 
add in the possibility of using VOIP and screen sharing. I’ve been curious 
about this for a while....


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I second what Stuart said; I'd be interested.  Thanks! -- Barbara

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 9:04 AM, Forrest, Stuart 
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Yes please I missed the last one


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Last week the IRC practice time went well, and we had a good bunch of folks 
trying out IRC. I wanted to check in if there was interest for a second 
practice time. I am all for it, but I wanted to verify that there was community 
interest. Remember to include your colleagues that are not on this list that 
may want to learn.

I tend to pick times after 12 noon EST to allow those on the west coast to 
join, but I am willing to schedule something in the (east coast) morning too.

Thanks in advance,

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