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[1] Completeness. If a translation is (say), over 70% complete, it gets shipped.
[2] Activity. If a translation has been updated within the past year
or is known to have folks actively working on it (even if they may be
a little slow), the completeness threshold can be lower (say, 50%).

I agree pretty much and I assume that 70% and 50% are just off the cuff guestimations for now, but I want to add that en-CA and en-GB should probably be made exceptions to any completeness threshold. They may require less work since the principle differences are spellings of certain words and not so much in usage. Depending on how the completeness is calculated, I'd expect these two translations to be less complete than others.

The above is likely true for any en-* variation that may crop up later.

As for the translations coordinator position, that sounds like a good idea to me.

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