I'm trying to set up Evergreen on a Fedora 26. I've followed all the steps
from installation manual, although  I can't be sure it was all done
properly - in many cases I had to figure out a workaround or guess some
file path or command since the manual is not written for Fedora.

When executing autogen.sh I encounter an error:
/openils/var/log/osrfsys.log:[2017-08-29 11:34:27] -e [ERR :2830:EX.pm:66:]
Exception: OpenSRF::EX::Session 2017-08-29T11:34:27
/usr/local/share/perl5/OpenSRF/Utils/SettingsClient.pm:87 Session Error:
router@private.localhost/opensrf.settings IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK!!!

I tried the troubleshooting instructions, and it seems that the root of the
problem might be in JSON parsing:
/openils/var/log/router-private.log:router 2017-08-28 17:06:54 [ERR
:26978:osrf_parse_json.c:844:] *JSON Parser Error

With detailed description as follows:
router 2017-08-29 10:28:05 [ERR :1639:osrf_parse_json.c:844:] *JSON Parser
 - char  = r
 - index = 1
 - near  => registering
 - Unexpected character
router 2017-08-29 10:28:05 [WARN:1639:osrf_message.c:548:]
osrfMessageDeserialize() unable to parse data:

Same goes for public.localhost log. All logs are completly flooded with
repeated errors like these, but ejabberd starts without any error messages
or even warnings.
I have restarted ejabberd, memcached and opensrf multiple times and
double-checked opensrf_core.xml for any username/password mismatches or

What should I do next?

Best regards,
Bogna Czyżewska

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