Hello Jason,
Thanks for your advice. I actually started with Debian (latest, 9 I think),
and switched to Fedora because I encountered many errors during
installation and just got angry. That was my first encounter with Debian
and I already knew some Fedora stuff, so I figured it'll be easier for me
to find the workarounds on it.

The thing is, I don't think this problem is platform-specific, it seems
more like a misconfiguration to me. I tracked the issue down to a piece of
code in SettingsClient.pm, lines 67-68. I don't know perl, but OpenSRF docs
say that they're supposed to "return the complete set of settings as a JSON
document". Adding that to the log entries screaming about problems with
JSON parsing (at index 1), my guess is that I messed up some configuration
file and now it's unreadable.

Problem is: what file can that be? Seems to be about
router@private.localhost, so maybe something with ejabberd, but ejabberd
itself starts without problems and I can't find anything wrong within it's
config file (ejabberd.yml)...

Best regards,

2017-08-30 15:03 GMT+02:00 Jason Stephenson <ja...@sigio.com>:

> Hello, Bogna!
> My recommendation is that you switch to Debian 8 Jessie or Ubuntu 16.04
> Server Edition for installing Evergreen. These are the Linux
> distributions most commonly used by the community. You will likely have
> more success and get more help with problems.
> Good luck,
> Jason

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