Hello Everyone,
Thank you all for your input.

I tried out Koha a few weeks ago and though installation was doable (I
won't say it was easy), I was disappointed in its search engine and
patron's user interface. That's why I decided to try Evergreen instead, it
looked more user-friendly.

I'll try with OpenSRF 2.5 and Evergreen 2.12 and if I fail on that, I'll
stop bothering you and go back to koha :)

Best regards,

2017-08-31 14:16 GMT+02:00 Jason Stephenson <ja...@sigio.com>:

> Hello, again, Bogna!
> I agree with Rogan Hamby's suggestion of trying Koha.
> It is big, too, but not quite as big as Evergreen and I hear it is
> easier to install. It may fit your needs better.
> You can find Koha here:
> https://koha-community.org/
> Also, I think Ben Shum is correct, you'll want to use the latest
> releases of OpenSRF and Evergreen for Ubuntu 16.04. We tend to lag a bit
> behind the Ubuntu release cycle.
> Good luck in your search!
> Jason

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