On 08/30/2017 10:30 AM, Bogna Czyżewska wrote:
> Hello Jason,
> Thanks for your advice. I actually started with Debian (latest, 9 I
> think), and switched to Fedora because I encountered many errors during
> installation and just got angry. That was my first encounter with Debian
> and I already knew some Fedora stuff, so I figured it'll be easier for
> me to find the workarounds on it.

We haven't worked out the issues with Debian 9, yet. I have installed
successfully on Debian 8 and Ubunut 16.04. Ubuntu is used by many sites
in production. I test extensively with both distros and plan to move our
production environment from Debian to Ubuntu in October. So, I stand by
my previous recommendation of Debian 8 or Ubuntu 16.04. :)

> The thing is, I don't think this problem is platform-specific, it seems
> more like a misconfiguration to me. I tracked the issue down to a piece
> of code in SettingsClient.pm, lines 67-68. I don't know perl, but
> OpenSRF docs say that they're supposed to "return the complete set of
> settings as a JSON document". Adding that to the log entries screaming
> about problems with JSON parsing (at index 1), my guess is that I messed
> up some configuration file and now it's unreadable.

No, I don't think you've messed up a configuration file.

We used to support Fedora as an install target, but the person(s)
maintaining it stopped updating it. We removed the Fedora dependency
targets in the Makefile.install recently because Evergreen would no
longer build/work on recent Fedora releases. I believe the issue you've
encountered is one of those reasons.

I don't recommend using Fedora in general. By their own admission, it is
an "unstable" distribution and is not meant to be used in production
environments. It is basically a test bed for RHEL.

> Problem is: what file can that be? Seems to be about
> router@private.localhost, so maybe something with ejabberd, but ejabberd
> itself starts without problems and I can't find anything wrong within
> it's config file (ejabberd.yml)...

The problem is not with ejabberd. It's most likey in the osrf_json
libraries. My hunch is that they're not linking correctly. This is
possibly related to an issue we have on Debian 9:


The solution there is for us to start using autotools as intended
instead of trying to force it to do things it wasn't meant to do.


> Best regards,
> Bogna
> 2017-08-30 15:03 GMT+02:00 Jason Stephenson <ja...@sigio.com
> <mailto:ja...@sigio.com>>:
>     Hello, Bogna!
>     My recommendation is that you switch to Debian 8 Jessie or Ubuntu 16.04
>     Server Edition for installing Evergreen. These are the Linux
>     distributions most commonly used by the community. You will likely have
>     more success and get more help with problems.
>     Good luck,
>     Jason

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