Hi, Bogna.

Did you start the OpenSRF services before running autogen.sh? That looks
like either you didn't start them or there were errors when you did.

The most likely culprit for the router not starting is one of the
ejabberd passwords being wrong in the configuration file.


On 09/01/2017 04:44 AM, Bogna Czyżewska wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Funny thing: I changed the system to Ubuntu Xenial server version,
> installed the latest OpenSRF and Evergreen... and got almost the same
> message that I had on Fedora: Session Error:
> router@private.localhost/*open-ils.cstore* IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE
> NETWORK!!! (the changed part in bold).
> I could probably set up another thread for this since it's no longer a
> Fedora issue, but maybe someone of you guys can help with this error?
> Jason, maybe?
> Best regards,
> Bogna
> 2017-08-31 14:57 GMT+02:00 Jason Stephenson <ja...@sigio.com
> <mailto:ja...@sigio.com>>:
>     On 08/31/2017 08:41 AM, Bogna Czyżewska wrote:
>     >
>     > I'll try with OpenSRF 2.5 and Evergreen 2.12 and if I fail on that, I'll
>     > stop bothering you and go back to koha :)
>     It's not a bother. Feel free to ask any questions you have. There are
>     also other places to ask for help. The open-ils-dev list may be more
>     appropriate for technical questions regarding installation:
>     http://libmail.georgialibraries.org/mailman/options/open-ils-dev
>     <http://libmail.georgialibraries.org/mailman/options/open-ils-dev>
>     You can also find many of us in the #evergreen channel on
>     irc.freenode.net <http://irc.freenode.net>. The channel is most
>     active during working hours on the
>     US East Coast (currently UTC -5 hours).
>     Good luck!
>     Jason

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