Mike Christie escribió:
> Miguel Gonzalez Castaños wrote:
>> Erez Zilber escribió:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm running some performance tests with open-iscsi (iops & throughput).
>>> With open-iscsi over TCP, I see very low numbers:
>>>     * iops: READ - 20000, WRITE - 13000
>>>     * throughput: READ - 185, WRITE - 185
>>> In open-iscsi.org, I see much higher numbers. Did anyone measure
>>> open-iscsi performance lately? Can you share your numbers? Which
>>> iscsid.conf file did you use?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Erez
>> I'm having a HP AiO 600 Storage Server with SATA drives in RAID 5.
>> I have tried using open-iscsi and samba mounts and I'm getting around 10 
>> MB/s of performance. I've asked in the HP forums:
> If I have not already, try this
> http://www.open-iscsi.org/bits/open-iscsi-2.0-868-test1.tar.gz
> I am not sure exactly why yet, but we found that with someone's setup we 
> saw IO taking 6 or 7 seconds to get sent. With that tarball the problem 
> is fixed and performance is normal.
Apparently there is a big difference between measuring with dd or doing
it with disktest. I know the latter is a raw disk test while dd is
testing it in the filesystem level but how come there are such big

I'm getting 40 MB/s in writes while disktest gets 100 MB/s in writes.

Another question, using RAID 1+0 with iSCSI targets could improve the
writes performance? The iSCSI server has RAID 5 and that makes the
performance really low: 100 MB/s writes 1000 MB/s for reads.



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