Hello again,

I followed the recommendation to create the record, so I added the
following in my initrd:

iscsiadm -m node -T iqn.2008-04.com.mycompany:storage.ubuntu8_x86_test
-p -o new
iscsiadm -m node -T iqn.2008-04.com.mycompany:storage.ubuntu8_x86_test
-p -l

This time, the record was added, yet iscsiadm still failed to connect,
and (I was actually thinking of iscsid) this time states it's unable
to talk to the daemon. .... Did I have to copy the iscsid binary to
the /bin directory of my initrd package?  or am I missing a library or
module that needs to be loaded?

The following errors appears:

iscsiadm:  cannot connect to SCSI daemon (111)!
iscsiadm: initiator reported error (18 - could not communicate to


please advise.

thanks in advance,

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