Arvind wrote:
> During our testing with open-iscsi initiator, we discovered a minor
> issue related to MaxCmdSN. The MaxCmdSN is not re-populated after an
> automatic login occurs.
> This can make the initiators send more commands to the target
> exceeding the MaxCmdSN sent by the target in the Login Response.
> To reproduce the issue, do the following:
> 1.    Start a Target with MaxCmdSN = ExpCmdSn + 15.
> 2.    Start the open-iscsi initiator, login and run an application that
> sends at least 16 commands at time.
> 3.    Stop the application.
> 4.    Stop the target.
> 5.    Recompile the target with MaxCmdSN = ExpCmdSn + 3
> 6.    Start the target.
> 7.    Initiator will automatically login to the target.

When the initiator logs back in, is the target sending a MaxCmdSN and 
ExpCmdSn that indicates the window is smaller? Are you digging in the 
code by any chance? Did you see if libiscsi.c:iscsi_update_cmdsn() is 
updateing the values correctly?

Could you send a ethereal/wrireshark trace?

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