I'm currently running the Qlogic driver for the QLE4060c, should I
be using the Redhat driver.

  Sorry to sound like a broken record, but does anyone know
specfically what I need to do to setup, configure the QLE4060c card,
using the HBA not network interface.

  I have read through the docs several times and I can't figure out
what I'm supposed to do.  Better yet has anyone ever gotten this to
work and can point me or even give me an export of what the config
should look like?

  Is this the correct place to ask such a question?

thanks everyone.

Jason Hammond

On Aug 18, 11:09 am, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> WonderBoy wrote:
> >   I just read the docs and its saying that I dont need iface files for
> > hardware iscsi.  Do I have to tell open iscsi to use the hardware
> > adapter "qla4xxx".
> > When you run iscsiadm the first time a hardware iscsi driver like
> > qla4xxx is
> > loaded, iscsiadm will create default iface configs for you. The
> > config
> > created
> > by iscsiadm for qlogic should be ok for most uses and users should not
> > have
> > to modify them.
> You should not have to do anything, but the RHEL 5 driver does not
> export the needed settings.
> You will have to try the upstream kernel.
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