I think I'm getting the picture, Redhat and Qlogic dont support open-
iscsi.  This was starting to become obvious when I had to escalate
through several engineers at Redhat because they were not aware of
features of open-iscsi and wether or not they supported it.

  I just did a fresh load of Redhat 5 update 2, san boot over qle4060c
card.  I'm using the redhat qla4xxx driver right now and I installed
iscsi-initiator-utils.i386 and its still not working. iscsiadm still
doesnt detect any interfaces "iscsiadm -m iface".

  I'm more than willing to manually create all the needed files if I
can get this to work.

The only features I need to work are.
1) discover storage via iSCSI HBA
2) login to targets via iSCSI HBA
3) logout of targets via iSCIS HBA

I dont need to modify any card settings at all.



On Aug 18, 2:04 pm, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> WonderBoy wrote:
> >   I'm currently running the Qlogic driver for the QLE4060c, should I
> > be using the Redhat driver.
> open-iscsi will not work with the qlogic.com drivers. They use their own
> ioctl and do not implement what is needed for open-iscsi to config it.
> You must be using the upstream kernel's qlogic driver. And like I said
> before we can only discover new targets. We cannot do any other config
> right now. So if below when you mentioned you need to configure the
> card, if it is anything more than discovery of targets you must use the
> distro drivers +qlogic.com ioctl module or qlogic.com module and then
> use qlogic.com's tools with those modules.
> >   Sorry to sound like a broken record, but does anyone know
> > specfically what I need to do to setup, configure the QLE4060c card,
> > using the HBA not network interface.
> >   I have read through the docs several times and I can't figure out
> > what I'm supposed to do.  Better yet has anyone ever gotten this to
> > work and can point me or even give me an export of what the config
> > should look like?
> Normally people just use the qlogic.com driver and qlogic's tools, or
> they use the distro driver + ioctl module on qlogic.com and qlogic's tools.
> Red hat and qlogic.com drivers do not support open-iscsi.
> >   Is this the correct place to ask such a question?
> Normally for red hat I would make a bugzilla 
> here.https://bugzilla.redhat.com/, or I would use the qlogic.com
> documentation, or send a question to qlogic.com.
> This question has been asked before and so if you search the list you
> should find it
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