WonderBoy wrote:
>   I'm currently running the Qlogic driver for the QLE4060c, should I
> be using the Redhat driver.

open-iscsi will not work with the qlogic.com drivers. They use their own 
ioctl and do not implement what is needed for open-iscsi to config it.

You must be using the upstream kernel's qlogic driver. And like I said 
before we can only discover new targets. We cannot do any other config 
right now. So if below when you mentioned you need to configure the 
card, if it is anything more than discovery of targets you must use the 
distro drivers +qlogic.com ioctl module or qlogic.com module and then 
use qlogic.com's tools with those modules.

>   Sorry to sound like a broken record, but does anyone know
> specfically what I need to do to setup, configure the QLE4060c card,
> using the HBA not network interface.
>   I have read through the docs several times and I can't figure out
> what I'm supposed to do.  Better yet has anyone ever gotten this to
> work and can point me or even give me an export of what the config
> should look like?

Normally people just use the qlogic.com driver and qlogic's tools, or 
they use the distro driver + ioctl module on qlogic.com and qlogic's tools.

Red hat and qlogic.com drivers do not support open-iscsi.

>   Is this the correct place to ask such a question?

Normally for red hat I would make a bugzilla here. 
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/, or I would use the qlogic.com 
documentation, or send a question to qlogic.com.

This question has been asked before and so if you search the list you 
should find it

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