Evan Broder wrote:

>>> #define ISCSI_TRANSPORT_VERSION "2.0-724"
> The userspace utilities are 2.0.865.

Are these the Ubuntu tools or did you get them from open-iscsi.org? If 
they are ubuntu ones is there more version info on the ubuntu package? 
What is the iscsi package named in ubuntu btw?

Is there any other error messages in the logs other than this:

  Dec  8 00:50:36 aperture-science kernel: [1010621.595904]
connection1:0: iscsi: detected conn error (1011)
Dec  8 00:50:37 aperture-science iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI
connection 1:0 error (1011) state (3)

Is there something about a ping or nop timing out or a logout? If not 
then look in the target logs for problems around that time.

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