Joer wrote:
> A few more comments on this failure:
> This may be a problem with how the check response is being processed
> by the iSCSI stack...possibly due to data digest.
> The Inquiry command goes out, the response is received with data
> digest, and appears to be accepted.  A Test Unit Ready command then
> goes out, response received, and 500 ms later the initiator attempts
> to open a new connection/login.   The target then resets the original
> TCP connection.  This is repeated several times

Is this easy to replicated? Does it happen every time?

Were you using the initiator that comes with RHEL 5.2 or 2.0-869.2 from

> Is it possible that the check response with data digest is not being
> handled correctly?
> The /var/log/message contains a series of the following messages:
> connection2:0:0 detected conn error (1011)

Do you see any 1015 errors? 1015 is for data digest errors. 1011 is 
generic connection problems or cases where we dropped it for some 
generic reason.

Is there anything else in the log? Something about a ping or nop timing out?

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