I'm new to iscsi and ran into an authentication error with errocode
02/01 (target).

I've succeeded in manually creating a login using -m session but this
session hangs in the Session State: Unknown of which no recovery seems
possible upto now.

As i did not want to reboot the machine. I've tried about everything i
could find upto manually triggering the sdb device to delete ( echo 1
> /sys/.... )

To my surprise the CHAP authentication on an open-e DSS ( www.open-e.com
) target fails on multiple machines. I've not yet found a way to track
down any specific bug reports regarding so any reference is welcome.

For now the only correlation i've found is the open-iscsi version used
which is ...-868

Attempts to compile the ...-871 tarball were unsuccessfull. This is
not the no-brainer as the README suggests.

Best Regards,


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