Ulrich Windl wrote:
> On 28 Jul 2009 at 0:22, Moi meme wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am using a DELL Equallogic at work and I use a SLES10 SP2 (was
>> SP1 before last week-end), are they known problems with the SLES SP2 ?
>> I didn't notice any problem since the upgrade !
> Same here: Only when the network has a problem, I see _many_ messages.
> Only problem (not iSCSI) is that he links in /dev/disk/by-id are not reliably 
> populated after boot. This may be a multipath/udev feature. As we boot very 
> rarely, I did not put much effort into examining this...

What EQL firmware are you using? On the EQL box if you do a "show" 
command it is in there.

I was having a similar problem and updated the firmware to 4.1.4 and it 
has been working for me now. For some reason the udev scsi_id callout 
would send some commands to the target, and the target would never respond.

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