On Fri, 2008-06-27 at 12:30 +0200, Thilo Schuler wrote:

> I can understand Josinas comments about clinicians not caring about
> the difference between semantics and GUI stuff, so a tool like the
> Template Designer should hide this important separation, where
> appropriate.

Not withstanding your 'where appropriate' caveat. The clinicians
creating templates (as with archetypes) need to have training and a
special understanding of what is at stake.  

If the clinicians designing archetypes/templates do not care about the
difference between semantics and GUI stuff then they are they wrong
clinicians to be designing archetypes and templates. 

They should probably be designing another "By Physicians for Physicians
EMR".  Do we really need another one of those?  We also do not need
another EHR built by clueless IT people.

That's not meant to disparage the clinicians on the various openEHR
mailing lists.  This is a multidisciplinary issue and it takes all of us
to do this the right way.  Again, the 'right' people must be the ones
designing the knowledge modules. 

My 2 pence.


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