On Fri, 2008-06-27 at 14:42 +0200, Thilo Schuler wrote:
> Very interesting - maybe we could have seperate namespaces for the
> core tags and extensions. Could be a good compromise! While I see the
> advantages of keeping GUI stuff out of the template, I also see that
> this more and more complicated as we add additional abstraction
> layers.

Ahhh, true. It is complicated.  It is the reason why health informatics
is where it is today.  The beauty of the openEHR specs is that each
portion does one thing well and yet all the parts fit together.  

If we get carried away and start mixing the layers then the specs get
more complex, the tools more difficult to use, applications less likely
to inter-operate and there won't be very many implementations. 

If you aren't careful you could end up with something HL7v3. 

As "my buddy" Albert E. said; Make everything as simple as possible but
no simpler.  ;-)


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