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>From where I sit the issue being discussed here is an old one essentially
about human nature - we all respond most easily to that which we know and

In designing a website we know that if you want input about navigation, then
don't have any meaningful content or GUI hints available or almost certainly
all the feedback will be about the size or color of the button and the font
and position of the heading.

Similarly my concern in designing templates and getting the content reviewed
appropriately is that as soon as you add interface/GUI features to make it
more 'intuitive' to the clinicians their focus goes immediately to that
which is more familiar.  That is, the feedback tends to be related to their
user interface experience (naturally gained from their day-to-day use of
their current clinical system) rather than actually critiquing which
archetypes have been used, which data fields are presented, and all their
associated attributes, cardinality, constraints and related metadata etc

So my preferred response (and from positive experience) is to spend a
relatively small amount of time to educate the clinicians on how to feedback
appropriately and meaningfully on the pure archetypes and templates - we
have done this successfully, but I suggest it is probably optimal if a
clinician involved in the design (perhaps a health informatician with a leg
in 'both camps') to walk them thru the models and to make it a sensible
conversation.  It is my opinion that the GUI design and review should be
completely separate to the content design and review - mixing the two gets
very confusing.


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On Fri, 2008-06-27 at 12:30 +0200, Thilo Schuler wrote:

> I can understand Josinas comments about clinicians not caring about 
> the difference between semantics and GUI stuff, so a tool like the 
> Template Designer should hide this important separation, where 
> appropriate.

Not withstanding your 'where appropriate' caveat. The clinicians creating
templates (as with archetypes) need to have training and a special
understanding of what is at stake.  

If the clinicians designing archetypes/templates do not care about the
difference between semantics and GUI stuff then they are they wrong
clinicians to be designing archetypes and templates. 

They should probably be designing another "By Physicians for Physicians
EMR".  Do we really need another one of those?  We also do not need another
EHR built by clueless IT people.

That's not meant to disparage the clinicians on the various openEHR mailing
lists.  This is a multidisciplinary issue and it takes all of us to do this
the right way.  Again, the 'right' people must be the ones designing the
knowledge modules. 

My 2 pence.


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