My personal view is that it is better to have slightly more spaces each with clear scope, even if some have not much content, rather than trying to push all content into a few spaces with larger amounts of content. To me it seems obvious what kinds of things I might find in 'ontology' and 'education', whereas if I know there are some articles on these areas, but they are buried in e..g the 'specifications' space, it's going to be a matter of trying to search for them with various keys.

I fixed the Resources space a little bit, but it seems to me there is a fair bit of content like FAQs that people may well access.

these are just my views, and others may have better ideas...!

- thomas

On 07/08/2019 08:26, Bakke, Silje Ljosland via openEHR-technical wrote:

I think we may need a more thorough discussion about how to best use the wiki. How do we maximise information findability, how do we enable new people (and not-so-new people!) to find their way around? Do we make new empty spaces when we start something new, or do we branch them out when the existing spaces become crowded? How do we decide what goes in which space?

For now:

  * I’ve reactivated the Education space, since I saw it was used for
    the Spanish openEHR Day. (Is this really education though, and not
  * The Ontologies space has a single page with a few attachments, of
    which nothing has been changed since 2012. Does this really
    warrant a separate space? Could this page be moved to a different
  * Could the Community space be merged with Resources? If I
    understand correctly, their uses are at least partly overlapping.

Kind regards, Silje

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