On 13 January 2017 at 14:19, Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfi...@gmail.com>

> I'm not much good with musl unfortunately, but honestly, I'm wondering how
> long we
> can keep this out with relatively few build issues. In tree, they'll get
> more attention.

This is a greater problem - the kernel guys seem to think that glibc is the
only C library worth thinking about.  Khem took the action to talk with
musl and get their headers fixed - which I believe is just adding a new
#define to them.

I'll continue stacking on 4.9 changes until they get sorted out.  I'll
> probably have some
> cycles near the end of next week to get lost in c library #ifdef's, if the
> issues are still
> around.

I keep on pushing the kernel bits to mut2, so feel free to send an updated
branch and I can merge that in too.

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