That's a nice solution - though in real world code I worry that the endDrawing 
snapshotting would be triggered more often than necessary.

I still think there is no compelling reason for Canvas to be a Node, and there 
is a significant drawback if you want to reuse the same Canvas many times in 
your scene graph.

I think it's appropriate to think of the basic Canvas functionality as a 
"Procedural Image" - it is used to create an Image from code instead of a file. 
Just because the most common case might be to stuff it in an ImageView, doesn't 
mean that it should be a Node for convenience. If you agree that the Image 
class shouldn't be a Node, you should feel the same way about Canvas.

I also think this would be easy to fix in a backward compatible way. A future 
release could simply add a "CanvasImage" class which had a GraphicsContext - 
then Canvas could remain, but simply embed a CanvasImage. Though for practical 
purposes, I think most developers would simply use CanvasImage with ImageView 
from then on.


On Apr 23, 2014, at 10:37 AM, Scott Palmer <> wrote:

> Here's a quick hack based on using snapshots to make something like a
> Canvas that you can reuse in many places within the Scene.  By
> subclassing WritableImage it comes out to being pretty close to what
> you were talking about.  As you mentioned, using snapshots isn't
> ideal, but I wonder how far from ideal this really is?  Having to
> remember to make the snapshot is just one call.
> public class CanvasImage extends WritableImage {
> private final Canvas canvas;
> private final SnapshotParameters snapshotParams;
> public CanvasImage(int width, int height) {
> super(width, height);
> canvas = new Canvas(width, height);
> snapshotParams = new SnapshotParameters();
> snapshotParams.setFill(Color.TRANSPARENT);
> }
> public GraphicsContext beginDrawing() {
> return canvas.getGraphicsContext2D();
> }
> public void endDrawing() {
> canvas.snapshot(snapshotParams, this);
> }
> }
> Cheers,
> Scott
> On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 7:01 PM, Scott Palmer <> wrote:
>> It would be great if you could get a Graphics context for drawing into a
>> WritableImage instead of having to deal with snapshots. But I suppose you
>> could build something like that based on Canvas that would update an image.
>> Scott
>> On Apr 22, 2014 6:52 PM, "Jeff Martin" <> wrote:
>>> Just by using it as an ImageView.Image.
>>> jeff
>>> On Apr 22, 2014, at 5:43 PM, John C. Turnbull <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> How would you (easily) use it in the scenegraph if it wasn't a Node?
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>>>> Subject: Should Canvas have been Image subclass instead of Node?
>>>> I have a case where I need to draw to a canvas and reuse it in multiple
>>>> nodes. My non-optimal work-around is to take a snapshot and use that,
>>>> but it
>>>> makes me wonder if Canvas should have been an Image subclass or if
>>>> WritableImage should get it's own getGraphicsContext() method.
>>>> jeff=

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