The Hypergrid protocol is, unfortunately, full of RPC calls. If I had to do it today, I would have done it with REST instead. When I started doing it, we still didn't have the nice architecture that we have today.

Having said that, it's true that many of the REST handlers are essentially RPC handlers. I would, however, stick to the style in each service. For example, the asset service is relatively clean, so I would keep it that way.

On 3/31/2014 9:52 AM, Oren Hurvitz wrote:
If you say that the intention was to use REST then of course I accept what
you say. But whatever the vision was, the implementation today is very
different: many services use RPC. The "/auth" endpoint, for example, handles
6 methods. The "/avatar" endpoint handles 5 methods. And that's just for
services that start with the letter 'A'. So why the pushback on the assets
endpoint, when so many other services already work this way?

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