Hello, all.  I've been reading the ongoing commentary here, on various
blogs, irc, and in-world groups about the recently introduced Third Party
Viewer Policy and Directory and I'd like to host an "office hour" or
informal brown bag to make the conversation a little more synchronous for
those who are interested.  I plan to hold three of these over the next
couple of weeks, at times that might be friendlier for some than others, but
the first one will happen next Tuesday, 4/13 at noon PDT.  I'd like to
address questions about the intent of the policy, how we will be using the
Directory going forward, and see if I can gather the specific concerns that
have been raised by the community over the past several weeks.  It'll be an
informal Q&A session, held in voice, at this location:


No RSVP needed, and feel free to rebroadcast the invite to others you think
would benefit from open dialog around the subject.

I hope to see many of you there next week.

-- Joe
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