I just tried to compile OpenSSL-0.9.8h with mingw-w64 (see
http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw-w64/) and needed a couple
of changes to the source code (see attached patch).

Some notes:
- I added a "mingw64" line to Configure and (think I) told it to use
  extension for compiling. Nothing surprising here, I think. Note that
  you currently need to "Configure mingw64 no-asm no-hw".

- windows.h apparently includes wincrypt.h (no idea whether that's
  specific to that compiler, but it seems so ...), so I needed to 
  #undefine a couple of names messed up by wincrypt.h
  (patches to rand.h, x509.h and e_os.h).

- It's using a very recent snapshot of gcc, so there also is the
  problem in e_os2.h, that has already been reported for
  gcc-4.3: the compiler complains about the same variable
  being declared as both extern and static - so I changed that
  to use static both times - but I'm not really sure what's the
  correct thing to do here.


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