> > Please, could you propose a patch to the OpenSSL head.
> > In the head -lwsock32 is replaced by -lws2_32.

Here's a patch against today's snapshot of head.

> > I think that you has to compile with -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN in
> > Configure before to do some undefs in openssl headers.

I'm not really convinced, but for the time being, I've added that
option to get rid of that more or less cosmetic issue.
Apart from adding a line to configure, I needed a slight modification
to apps/speed.c and engines/e_aep.c because mingw-w64 comes
with definitions for "pid_t" and "alarm" and in crypto/mem_cmp.c,
gcc complained about a (and b) being redefined as a different kind
of symbol, so I renamed the local symbols to have different names
from the parameters.


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