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> - windows.h apparently includes wincrypt.h (no idea whether that's
>  specific to that compiler, but it seems so ...), so I needed to
>  #undefine a couple of names messed up by wincrypt.h
>  (patches to rand.h, x509.h and e_os.h).

Same applies when you compile OpenSSL with Microsoft Visual C++
(MSVC6/2003/2005/2008): windows.h / winsock[2].h / wincrypt.h are
system header files by Microsoft and wincrypt.h indeed contains
several items which [still] conflict with OpenSSL (0.9.9.latest CVS).

BTW: I do not use the OpenSSL provided makefiles but MSVC project
files to build DLLs and static libs; the *LEAN_AND_MEAN #define is not
needed to make OpenSSL compile and behave well. What was necessary
however (at least in my case) is making darn sure those windows.h /
winsock2.h header files come in before anything 'else' ('else' ==
standard POSIX header files such as stdlib.h and OpenSSL header
files/code, or you'd get a conflict with winsock.h and winsock2.h
header files in some cases).

I can produce diffs if you want them.

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