On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 07:05:42PM +0900, Ildiko Vancsa wrote:
> As a version of this idea, I was thinking of an #openstack-tc IRC channel, 
> but wanted to give it another thought before bringing it up. :) While I don’t 
> have the intention to necessarily increase the number of IRC channels we 
> have, this would give us the ability to follow the TC related discussion 
> better.
> By being experienced with working remotely, I like channels with smaller well 
> defined scope/purpose as I can prioritize which one to read first and I don’t 
> need to filter that much of the different, sometimes parallel threads to 
> catch up on what happened. Also when I see activity on these channels I get a 
> better indicator whether I need to/want to look into the discussion 
> immediately and be part of it or not. I don’t want to decrease the importance 
> of #openstack-dev (or any other already existing channel), but rather noting 
> that it has a broader scope that might be distracting.


> My 2 cents.
> Thanks,
> Ildikó

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