Matt Riedemann, Monday, April 10, 2017 1:41 PM
On 4/10/2017 2:55 PM, Dean Troyer wrote:
> The TC meetings are held in IRC and that may somewhat mitigate the 
> issue for non-native English speakers, but I've had problems myself 
> keeping up at times with the flurry of comments.  In any case, I think 
> it would be good to include language in the pile of concerns over 
> world-wide participation

I don't attend many TC meetings, it's usually on accident, but yeah, when I do 
I always note the flurry of cross-talk chatter that just drowns everything out. 
I feel like there are usually at least 3 parallel conversations going on during 
a TC meeting and it's pretty frustrating to follow along, or get a thought in 
the mix. That has to be much worse for a non-native English speaker.

So yeah, slow down folks. :)

I'm not advocating splitting the meetings though. It's possible to have your 
cake and eat it to if done properly. For example, Alex Xu runs the Nova API 
subteam meeting and we have people from China, India, Japan, UK and USA and get 
through it fine, but it does involve slowing down to get an acknowledgement 
from people that they are OK with any decisions being made.

This might also tie back in with what cdent was mentioning, and if the flurry 
of conversation during a TC meeting throws people off, maybe the minutes should 
be digested after the meeting in the mailing list. I know the meeting is 
logged, but it can be hard to read through that without one's eyes glazing over 
due to the cross-talk and locker-room towel whipping going on.




I read through the thread (or at least a very large chunk of it) and realized 
something still missing and something sort of related that I'd like to pass on.

Part 1: tldr; publish the resolutions to the key MLs at least when they are 

I like the idea of some sort of regularly scheduled summary of work in 
progress/completed/needing input.  And I realized that the TC generally works 
through resolutions, but I can't remember seeing the finished resolutions 
actually published to the dev, ops, or user-committee mailing lists.  Either 
you follow the TC meetings, or you subscribe to the governance review project, 
or you serendipitously discover the published resolutions when they come out or 
when you go looking for something else in the same vicinity.  It would be great 
if there were checkpoints on thes resolutions that publish to the mailing 
lists.  Maybe, first draft for wider audience, final call for comments and 
published resolution, or some subset depending on the size/importance/etc. of 
the resolution.

Part 2: tldr; establish some kind of communications channel with other TCs/TSCs 
that have dependencies on OpenStack

I just happened to be in a meeting with an associate who is on the TSC of Open 
Daylight.  After the meeting he asked me about the release schedules of 
OpenStack and whether the recent change was a one off or , would now be offset 
like the last or.....  It appears that ODL sets their releases to two week 
after OpenStack's then other Open networking projects cascade behind Open 
Daylight.  These TSCs don't know where to go to get the info/new schedules, 
etc.  Itg might be nice to find out what they need from us and provide a 
channel for them to ask questions.  TC might be a good contact point.  But TC 
can certainly come up with possible solution(s).  Which could open all these 
projects work a towards a more open coordination or cooperation with us.  I 
think that would be sooo cool.

Apologize for the extended verbiage, but, those who know me, know that's me.

And some really great discussions here.

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