On Wed, Apr 12 2017, Thierry Carrez wrote:

> One idea I've been considering is eliminating the one and only sacred
> one-hour weekly TC meeting, and encouraging ad-hoc discussions (on
> #openstack-dev for example) between change proposers and smaller groups
> of TC members present in the same timezone. That would give us a good
> feel of what everyone thinks, reduce noise, and happen at various times
> during the day on a public forum, giving an opportunity for more people
> to jump in the discussion. The informal nature of those discussions
> would make the governance reviews the clear focal point for coordination
> and final decision.
> It's clearly not the perfect silver bullet though, so I'd very much like
> to hear other ideas :)


We ditched meeting a while ago in Telemetry without any regret.
Discussions happen when needed on IRC and when people are around, and if
they're not or it requires more thinking we just go to email.

Requiring people to connect and block a full hour at any time of the day
(or night) never have been a good and productive idea. Sometimes I feel
like OpenStack stole this idea from "Worst Ideas In Enterprise
Management Practice". ;)

Julien Danjou
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