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> Part 1: tldr; publish the resolutions to the key MLs at least when they are 
> approved.

This was done for a time via blog posts, I recall talk about
resurrecting that, this may help increate the priority of following up
on that thought.

> Part 2: tldr; establish some kind of communications channel with other 
> TCs/TSCs that have dependencies on OpenStack
> I just happened to be in a meeting with an associate who is on the TSC of 
> Open Daylight.  After the meeting he asked me about the release schedules of 
> OpenStack and whether the recent change was a one off or , would now be 
> offset like the last or.....  It appears that ODL sets their releases to two 
> week after OpenStack's then other Open networking projects cascade behind 
> Open Daylight.  These TSCs don't know where to go to get the info/new 
> schedules, etc.  Itg might be nice to find out what they need from us and 
> provide a channel for them to ask questions.  TC might be a good contact 
> point.  But TC can certainly come up with possible solution(s).  Which could 
> open all these projects work a towards a more open coordination or 
> cooperation with us.  I think that would be sooo cool.

The TC could certainly be a point of contact, I think it would also be
appropriate to hook up individual members as these sorts of things are
discovered to establish relationships.  Often times the TC will
delegate one or a few people to be contact points for things like this

Communication-wise, this seems to be to be the sort of thing -announce
mailing lists should be used for.  Going back a couple of weeks I see
our -announce list consists of a lot of release announcements for
individual deliverables and a couple of OSSA's.  I'm not trying to
resurrect the debate over what that list should be used for, but it
does seem like that might have been a place for those not involved in
our community on a daily basis to see those sorts of announcements go
by.  That said, the release schedule and info really is easy to find
via your favorite search: "openstack release schedule" on Google
results in a table with recent release dates appearing even before the
first search result, which happens to be
https://releases.openstack.org.  The point is taken however, and I do
believe you are right Rocky that is something we should get more
proactive with regards to our neighboring communities.



Dean Troyer

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