On 4/14/2017 7:12 PM, Rochelle Grober wrote:

I just happened to be in a meeting with an associate who is on the TSC of Open 
Daylight.  After the meeting he asked me about the release schedules of 
OpenStack and whether the recent change was a one off or , would now be offset 
like the last or.....  It appears that ODL sets their releases to two week 
after OpenStack's then other Open networking projects cascade behind Open 
Daylight.  These TSCs don't know where to go to get the info/new schedules, 
etc.  Itg might be nice to find out what they need from us and provide a 
channel for them to ask questions.  TC might be a good contact point.  But TC 
can certainly come up with possible solution(s).  Which could open all these 
projects work a towards a more open coordination or cooperation with us.  I 
think that would be sooo cool.

So there is a community elsewhere that depends on the OpenStack release schedule, and they couldn't find the openstack release docs by googling for it?


I get the part about not knowing if the short Ocata cycle was a one time thing, or alternating, or what it was.

As for a place to ask questions, they don't know about the mailing list or IRC? Like just #openstack or #openstack-dev for generic questions.

I'm not trying to slight this issue or this other community, I'm just wondering how the basic communication channel was missed.

Maybe there is something missing from https://www.openstack.org/learn/ but even googling for "openstack forum" gets https://ask.openstack.org/en/questions/ as the first hit.




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