On 2 September 2014 19:16, Michael Still <mi...@stillhq.com> wrote:
> We're soon to hit feature freeze, as discussed in Thierry's recent
> email. I'd like to outline the process for requesting a freeze
> exception:
>     * your code must already be up for review
>     * your blueprint must have an approved spec
>     * you need three (3) sponsoring cores for an exception to be granted
>     * exceptions must be granted before midnight, Friday this week
> (September 5) UTC
>     * the exception is valid until midnight Friday next week
> (September 12) UTC when all exceptions expire

Sorry to top post on this, need to clarify this point:
"your blueprint must have an approved spec"

I have unapproved the *blueprints* as part of removing things from juno-3.

The reason for this is because drivers control the "approved" status,
but not control the milestone. I have added a dated note at the base
of each whiteboard, explaining what was happening to the blueprint.
Yes, that all kinda sucks, but its what we have right now.

This is independent of the spec having been approved, and merged into
the specs repo. So we can tell if it got approved into juno still,
from looking at the specs for juno here:


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