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> I will follow up with a more detailed email about what I believe we are
> missing, once the FF settles and I have applied some soothing creme to my
> burnout wounds, but currently my sentiment is:
> Contributing features to Nova nowadays SUCKS!!1 (even as a core
> reviewer) We _have_ to change that!
> N.
While agreeing with your overall sentiment, what worries me a tad is implied 
perception that contributing as a core should somehow be easier that as a 
mortal.    While I might expect cores to produce better initial code, I though 
the process and standards were intended to be a level playing field.

Has anyone looked at the review bandwidth issue from the perspective of whether 
there has been a change in the amount of time cores now spend contributing vs 
reviewing ?    
Maybe there's an opportunity to get cores to mentor non-cores to do the code 
production, freeing up review cycles ?


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