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> > I will follow up with a more detailed email about what I believe we are
> > missing, once the FF settles and I have applied some soothing creme to my
> > burnout wounds, but currently my sentiment is:
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> > Contributing features to Nova nowadays SUCKS!!1 (even as a core
> > reviewer) We _have_ to change that!


> Has anyone looked at the review bandwidth issue from the perspective of
> whether there has been a change in the amount of time cores now spend
> contributing vs reviewing ?    

I've certainly spent more time reviewing code in the last 2 dev cycles,
not least because I need something todo while waiting for my own code
submissions to get reviewed & merged (which feels like it is taking
longer & longer). Despite the huge efforts in review we're barely
denting the flow and are having to get ever better at saying no to
proposed features to cope.

> Maybe there's an opportunity to get cores to mentor non-cores to do 
> the code production, freeing up review cycles ?

As a core dev I want to feel that I'm still able to do valuable code
submission myself, while also doing the important code review work.
IOW, I don't want to end up with core team job requiring 100% of time
to be spent on review cycles, as from my POV that ends up with little
to no job satisfaction. Core needs to be able to maintain a balance
between doing review and being able to scratch the itch in their own
areas of coding interest.

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