Le 04/09/2014 17:57, Daniel P. Berrange a écrit :
On Thu, Sep 04, 2014 at 03:49:26PM +0000, Dugger, Donald D wrote:
Actually, I think Sylvain's point is even stronger as I don't think
splitting the virt drivers out of Nova is a complete fix.  It may
solve the review latency for the virt driver area but, unless virt
drivers are the bulk of Nova patches, the Nova core team will still
be swamped with review requests.  Some solution, maybe half-cores,
will still be needed for Nova long term.
Absolutely, nova core will still have an awful lot of work todo
and will need to have fresh blood. The split will free up some %
of existing cores time though as there's certainly plenty of virt
driver only patches going through merge that are taking up non
negligble review time. eg I've done loads of review on vmware
only code which I'd be relieved of with vmware maintainers able
to form their own review core for their driver. There is also the
fact that people are holding back on even submitting code for
many drivers because they know it'll never get reviewed. So the
proportion of virt driver only code is likely to be higher than
what we currently see on review today.

I totally understand your point and I agree with it. I'm just thinking that for Kilo and Lxxx, we also need to experiment some halfcore teams in order to free up your review duty, at least until the virt code is splitted out correctly.

On a side note, assuming I'm a non-core (so you can just throw my advice), I don't think the runway/slot proposal for Kilo will increase the reviewing bandwidth as it will just create another layer of prioritization without addressing the velocity. In another world, that's not because you just create a Scrum's sprint with 2 people and provide poker planning that you can address a 2-month man-day work.



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