On 09/05/2014 02:59 AM, Sylvain Bauza wrote:
Le 05/09/2014 01:26, Jay Pipes a écrit :
On 09/04/2014 10:33 AM, Dugger, Donald D wrote:
Basically +1 with what Daniel is saying (note that, as mentioned, a
side effect of our effort to split out the scheduler will help but
not solve this problem).

The difference between Dan's proposal and the Gantt split is that
Dan's proposal features quite prominently the following:

== begin ==

 - The nova/virt/driver.py class would need to be much better
   specified. All parameters / return values which are opaque dicts
   must be replaced with objects + attributes. Completion of the
   objectification work is mandatory, so there is cleaner separation
   between virt driver impls & the rest of Nova.

== end ==

In other words, Dan's proposal above is EXACTLY what I've been saying
needs to be done to the interfaces between nova-conductor,
nova-compute, and nova-scheduler *before* any split of the scheduler
code is even remotely feasible.

Splitting the scheduler out before this is done would actually not
"help but not solve this problem" -- it would instead further the
problem, IMO.

Jay, we agreed on a plan to carry on, please be sure we're working on
it, see the Gantt meetings logs for what my vision is.

I've attended most of the Gantt meetings, except for a couple recent ones due to my house move (finally done, yay!). I believe we are mostly aligned on the plan of record, but I see no urgency in splitting out the scheduler. I only see urgency on cleaning up the interfaces. But, that said, let's not highjack Dan's thread here too much. We can discuss on IRC. I was only saying that Don's comment that splitting the scheduler out would help solve the bandwidth issues should be predicated on the same contingency that Dan placed on splitting out the virt drivers: that the internal interfaces be cleaned up, documented and stabilized.


So, this effort requires at least one cycle, and as Dan stated, there is
urgency, so I think we need to identify a short-term solution which
doesn't require refactoring. My personal opinion is what Russell and
Thierry expressed, ie. subteam delegation (to what I call "half-cores")
for iterations and only approvals for cores.

Yeah, I don't have much of an issue with the subteam delegation proposals. It's just really a technical problem to solve w.r.t. Gerrit permissions.


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