On 09/04/2014 12:11 PM, Duncan Thomas wrote:
I think that having a shared review team across all of the drivers
has definite benefits in terms of coherency and consistency - it is
very easy for experts on one technology to become tunnel-visioned on
some points and miss the wider, cross project picture. A common
drivers team is likely to have a broad enough range of opinions to
keep things healthy, compared to one repo (and team) per driver, and
also they are able to speak collectively to teh core nova team, which
helps set priorities there when they need to be influenced on behalf
of the drivers team.

In theory, the above sounds good. In practice, it doesn't happen. The code in the virt drivers is horribly inconsistent, duplicative and yet slightly and pointlessly different, and uses paradigms that make sense for the one platform but don't necessarily make sense for another platform.

The testing/CI benefits that Dan highlighted -- in terms of patches to non-related virt drivers not interfering with the stability and progress of a patch to another virt driver -- is the #1 critical benefit to Dan's proposal, and doing a single virt drivers core team and repo totally throws that benefit away.


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