Hi all,
what about using "experimental" tag for experimental features?

After we implemented feature groups [1], we can divide our features and for
complex features, or those which don't get enough QA resources in the dev
cycle, we can declare as experimental. It would mean that those are not
production ready features.
Giving them live still in experimental mode allows early adopters to give a
try and bring a feedback to the development team.

I think we should not count bugs for HCF criteria if they affect only
experimental feature(s). At the moment, we have Zabbix as experimental
feature, and Patching of OpenStack [2] is under consideration: if today QA
doesn't approve it to be as ready for production use, we have no other
choice. All deadlines passed, and we need to get 5.1 finally out.

Any objections / other ideas?

[2] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/fuel/+spec/patch-openstack
Mike Scherbakov
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