On 18/09/14 16:03, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Maish Saidel-Keesing wrote:
>> On 17/09/2014 23:12, Anita Kuno wrote:
>>> On 09/17/2014 04:01 PM, Maish Saidel-Keesing wrote:
>>>> This looks great - but I am afraid that something might be missing.
>>>> As part of the Design summit in Atlanta there was an Ops Meetup track.
>>>> [1] I do not see where this fits into the current planning process that
>>>> has been posted.
>>>> I would like to assume that part of the purpose of the summit is to also
>>>> collect feedback from Enterprise Operators and also from smaller ones as
>>>> well.
>>>> If that is so then I would kindly request that there be some other way
>>>> of allowing that part of the community to voice their concerns, and
>>>> provide feedback.
>>>> Perhaps a track that is not only Operator centric - but also an End-user
>>>> focused one as well (mixing the two would be fine as well)
>>>> Most of them are not on the openstack-dev list and they do not
>>>> participate in the IRC team meetings, simply because they have no idea
>>>> that these exist or maybe do not feel comfortable there. So they will
>>>> not have any exposure to the process.
>>>> My 0.02 Shekels.
>>>> [1] - http://junodesignsummit.sched.org/overview/type/ops+meetup
>>> Hi Maish:
>>> This thread is about the Design Summit, the Operators Track is a
>>> different thing.
>>> In Atlanta the Operators Track was organized by Tom Fifield and I have
>>> every confidence he is working hard to ensure the operators have a voice
>>> in Paris and that those interested can participate.
>>> Last summit the Operators Track ran on the Monday and the Friday giving
>>> folks who usually spend most of the time at the Design summit to
>>> participate and hear the operator's voices. I know I did and I found it
>>> highly educational.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Anita.
>> Thanks for the clarification Anita :)
> I think the plan is to have the Ops summit run on Monday, with an extra
> day on Thursday to continue the discussions. I CCed Tom for more input
> on that.

Sorry for the delay all, and thanks for the kind notes. The ops meetup
will indeed return in Paris. Standby for details and planning etherpad
any day now - on the openstack-operators mailing list.



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