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> Because we are in Feature Freeze. Now is the time for critical bug fixes
> only, as we start to stabalize the tree. Releasing dependent libraries
> that can cause breaks, for whatever reason, should be soundly avoided.
> If this was August, fine. But it's feature freeze.

I agree with this, changing the MySQL driver now is not an option.    That 
train has left the station, I think it’s better we all take the whole Kilo 
cycle to get used to mysql-connector and its quirks before launching it on the 
world, as there will be many more.

However for Kilo, I think those “COMMIT” phrases should be removed and overall 
we need to make a very hard and fast rule that we *do not put multiple 
statements in an execute*.    I’ve seen a bunch of these come through so far, 
and for some of them (more the in-Python ones) it seems like the underlying 
reason is a lack of understanding of what exactly a SQLAlchemy “Engine” is and 
what features it supports.

So first, let me point folks to the documentation for this, which anyone 
writing code involving Engine objects should read first:


Key to this is that while engine supports an “.execute()” method, in order to 
do anything that intends to work on a single connection and typically a single 
transaction, you procure a Connection and usually a Transaction from the 
Engine, most easily like this:

with engine.begin() as conn:
   conn.execute(statement 1)
   conn.execute(statement 2)
   conn.execute(statement 3)
   .. etc

Now let me apologize for the reason this misunderstanding exists in the first 
place:  it’s because in 2005 I put the “.execute()” convenience method on the 
Engine itself (well in fact we didn’t have the Engine/Connection dichotomy back 
then), and I also thought that “implicit execution”, e.g. statement.execute(), 
would be a great idea.    Tons of other people still think it’s a great idea 
and even though I’ve buried this whole thing in the docs, they still use it 
like candy….until they have the need to control the scope of connectivity.  

*Huge* mistake, it’s my fault, but not something that can really be changed 
now.   Also, in 2005, Python didn’t have context managers.    So we have all 
kinds of klunky patterns like “trans = conn.begin()”, kind of J2EE style, etc., 
but these days, the above pattern is your best bet when you want to invoke 
multiple statements.    engine.execute() overall should just be avoided as it 
only leads to misunderstanding.   When we all move all of our migrate stuff to 
Alembic, there won’t be an Engine provided to a migration script, it will be a 
Connection to start with.

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